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Ed4Ed is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity

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Our Staff

Listed below are brief biographies of the folks in our organization along with photos of each.

Leslie Block, RN CEN
Injury Prevention Specialist, Ed4Ed

Leslie serves as the Injury Prevention Specialist with Ed4Ed, an army of educators seeking to reach other educators for a common goal - keeping kids safe through education about risk taking behaviors, especially "the choking game".  Her passion is helping others, mentoring and inspiring women to be their best, teaching and keeping kids/adults safe.
Leslie has  20+ years of injury prevention work and expertise gained in work as a certified Emergency Room Nurse in the Emergency Department.  Widely recognized as an excellent care provider, educator, patient and safety advocate. Leslie is described as the “go to gal” for health/medical /safety questions, anatomy, physiology, etc. Positioned and known as the key liaison with medical professionals. She is the creator of the blog & social networking sites such as facebook/Twitter for Ed4Ed4all and the creator and author of her own Injury Prevention/ safety blog that is dedicated to the prevention of injuries in adults and children http://www.ernursescare.blogspot.com.
Leslie serves on the leadership staff of the non-profit organization "The Mommies Network" as the National Social Media Manager, local Chapter Manager and Graphics team, supporting over 32,000 moms all over the country.

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Outreach Director, Ed4Ed.

In 2009, Ken and Kathy Tork also lost their 15 year old son to The Choking Game when he accidentally strangled himself while participating in this often lethal activity.  He has since worked tirelessly presenting educational programs to promote education and awareness of TCG and other risky teen behaviors among young people, educators and others who interact with children.  Ken and his family reside in Belview, WA.  To learn more, visit Kevin's web site at http://forkevinssake.com

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Carrie Draher
Author of the Ed4eE program and our Creative Director

In 2006, Carrie Draher found her15 year old son Levi' s lifeless body hanging with a rope around his neck.  Levi was clinically dead, but was resuscitated and, after a three day coma, and flying in the face of all medical expectation. regained consciousness.  He has since more fully fully recovered than any survivor of which we are aware.  As a result, Carrie has  become and advocate and developer of an educational program for use by educators and others to educate our children as to the dangers of risky adolescent behaviors.  She has worked tirelessly to create this tool which is available at no charge for anyone who wishes to use it.  Carrie and her husband reside in Wichita, KS.
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Lyndi Trost
Information Technology/Network Director, Ed4EdAll

On a beautiful evening in May, 2005 as my husband and I headed home, our cell rang.  The first words my daughter spoke were "Mom, I need you here so bad.  Braden hung himself in his closet."  That was my introduction to the dreadful risky behavior known as "The Choking Game".  At the time, I knew nothing about it.  Braden's death certificate lists the cause of death as suicide as is the case with so many other kids who have died  from this activity.  And like the other kids who have perished  as a result of  TCG, he never intended to die.  Braden was my 13 year old grandson and his death changed our lives forever.

As a result of his death, I have attempted to do whatever I can to educate about the dangers of this activity.  I created stop-the-choking-game.com, a web site dedicated to gathering data and informing parents, educators and kids about TCG.  The site was later merged with a Canadian web site which is now the web portal for the non-profit association Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play, www.gaspinfo.com.  I am also a  moderator of a Yahoo support group, supportgroupforthosethatlostachildtothechokinggame.  In addition, I now serve as the Network Director of Ed4Ed.  

I am a wife, mother of 7 grown children, grandmother of 8 and a retired software developer.   My husband and I live in Palmer, Alaska.
  To learn more visit Braden's web site at www.braden-erickson.memory-of.com

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