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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Presentations for 2014

Below is a list of Presentations by Ed4Ed Outreach Director, Ken Tork through August, 2014. 2014 marked the first presentation outside the United States for our organization.  Presentations for the remainder of 2014 will be added as they occur.  Once again, Ken, thanks for an awesome job.\

  • March, 2014
Cayambe, Ecuador
Hacienda of Hope Christian Academy, 175 5th & 6th grade students, 200 adults
  • April, 2014 
Rancho Cucamonga, California,
8 people
  • June, 2014 
Seddona, Arizona
ASROA conference,
175 School Resoruce Officers
  • July, 2014 
La Quinta, California
National Association of School Resource Officers
8:07 pm est

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Presentations for 2013 - Ken Tork

Listed below are the speaking opportunities to which Ken Tork, Ed4Ed's Outreach Director, responded  during 2013.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  You are doing so very much to further this cause.  The total number of presentation for 2013 was 6 which included 1,400 attendees.

  • January, 2013
Auburn, WA
Rainier Middle School  150 students

  • April, 2013
We Tip Conference 
100 people
  • May, 2013
Kent, WA
Meeker Middle School,
250 students
Madsen Middle School 250 Students
  • June, 2013
Gulf Shores, AL
TAASRO Conference       
350 School Resource Officers
  • August, 2013
Panda Cup MMA Tournament with Carrie Draher and Denise Bruckner, 300 men, women and children

9:56 pm est

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Upcoming Events and News

Serving as Mentor/Consultant for HCC Community College Pediatrics Project
Carrie will meet with these young professionals as a mentor/consultant & provide resources and technical assistance for them building their requisite exit project, a presentation of the subject of "Choking Game" Education & Awareness for Injury Prevention

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This tournament was held on September, 21, 2013 in honor of Denise Bruckner-Gillentine and in memory of her son Austin.  

All donations will go to Ed4Ed - Education for Educators to promote Choking Game Awareness.