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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here is a letter our Outreach Director, Ken Tork, recieved from the 1st place he ever spoke

 September 13, 2012

Reference letter for Mr. Ken Tork

 Dear Administrators and staff;

 My name is Laurie Sison; I am a teacher in the Auburn WA school district.

I want to tell you about the situation surrounding Mr. Tork and how he came to my classroom to speak to my 6th grade students in May 2009 about the dangers of the ‘choking game.’

Mr. Tork is an instructor at my son’s karate school. When his son passed away from the ‘choking game’ I had gotten information that told me of this sad event but I didn’t know Mr. Tork at that time. Shortly after Mr. Tork’s son Kevin had passed away, Mr. Tork and his family made a decision to propel the message about the negative effects of the choking game on his son and other children. Mr. Tork made every effort to offer a presentation to teachers and others who are concerned about their children or students attempting the ‘choking game.’

I contacted Mr. Tork after seeking permission and having it granted for a presentation in my classroom.

Mr. Tork came to my classroom and spoke to the 60 students that I taught at that time. The presentation that he provided was thorough, thoughtful and moving. It made an impact on 100% of my students. To this day, my students who are now 8th grade students speak about the impact that the presentation made on them. They have also shown the message to other students; which is further evidence that Mr. Tork made a positive impact on many children.  These students are in the tenth grade now and still remember the presentation and speak highly of Mr. Tork to this day.


What I have learned about Mr. Tork after the presentation is even more striking and wonderful than what I knew prior. Mr. Tork works hard to build a sense of understanding with the students he presents to. He uses humor, love and kindness and it works.

I am incredibly proud of the dedication that the Tork Family has to making sure that no other family loses their child to this ‘game.’

I would highly recommend that any school that wants to approach this topic make every effort to seek out Mr. Tork and provide students the opportunity to witness the incredible dangers that the ‘choking game’ encompasses from a father who delivers the message in a way that students WILL understand.


Please feel free to contact me


Laurie E Sison MAEd.

Native American Academic Intervention Specialist

Olympic Middle School

Auburn WA



(253) 876-7767-home phone


7:55 pm est

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Serving as Mentor/Consultant for HCC Community College Pediatrics Project
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