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Ed4Ed is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity

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October 11th is Worldwide

Choking Game Awareness Day.
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Click Here to request a "Stop the Choking Game" bracelet for Braden or Kevin. Include your name and postal address.  We also have a limited number of Choking Game Ribbons available.  Please specify what you wish.

webassets/DSCF3326BraceletsCropped.jpg webassets/TCG_Ribbon.jpgWe also have a limited number of Choking Game Ribbons available upon request.  For larger quantities, click here to go to Neecy Jarman's ribbon page on Ebay.




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In an IRS determination letter dated August 14, 2014 and effective September 18, 2012, Ed4Ed has been approved as a 501 (c) (3)  public charity.  Contributions to our organization are tax deductible under Section 170 of the IRS code.  Please click the button below to the left to donate to our organization and help in the battle against risky teen behaviors.

The video below is an interview conducted by KING 5 in Seattle, WA regarding TCG with Outreach Director Ken Tork.

View below Ed4Ed's current statistics on the Choking Game and relevant studies.  Page through the slides using the arrows and Mouse over the icons on the bottom to see the other features available.

Ed4Ed's own Outreach Director, Ken Tork, has recently been added as a trainer on Train My Crew   Ken's course provides information regarding the Choking Game.  Click this link to go to the site.
Train My Crew by Wilmes, LLC offers safety, risk management and loss control courses online.

Please Click Here to sign a petition requesting YouTube to remove explicit Choking Game videos from the site.  This is important as it is certain many kids learn about TCG on the internet

Watch an excellent video created by Ken Tork, Outreach Director of Ed4Ed about the terrible activity known as, among other things, the Choking Game. The shorter version of about 13 minutes is below;  the longer version approximately 26 minutes is to the right.

This organization is dedicated to those young people who have been needlessly injured or killed  as a result of participating in behaviors without adequate information concerning the risks they are taking.  We as a group are aware of about 1,000 such young people and the number is increasing steadily.  To prevent these senseless tragedies,
Education is the essential element:
  • Understanding Choices
  • Weighing Chances
  • Evaluating potential outcomes - Benefits vs, Risk
in guiding our youth to healthy choices ushering in bright futures.
Scientific research and professionals concur:  Youth will take risks.  Scientific research based on youth studies conclude:  Knowledge is the single factor that determines the risks they will choose to take.  Risk experimentation ends in needless tragedy and experience is not the best teacher.
Many of our members have been personally affected by these behaviors which include but are not limited to "The Choking Game'. Emo, Dusting and Pharm Parties.

Mission Statement

The Ed4Ed mission is to provide an aid to be shared free of cost with all who care for youth.  The single goal is elimination of youth dying and suffering grave injury due to a simple lack of knowledge. These senseless tragedies can be prevented.  This will be accomplished through awareness of and education about emerging youth risk behavior trends. 
To be effective the program must be efficient, flexible, adaptable, accessible, easy to use and offered freely.  

Page Last Updated:  12/04/2016

 You Can Help Ed4Ed at no cost to you!!!

This message only applies to those readers living in Alaska, Washington, Oregon or Idaho, the state where Fred Meyer operates stores.  For those of you who live in these areas, Ed4Ed would like to request that if you shop at Fred Meyers and would like to help Ed4Ed with it's mission to raise awareness of the dangers of risky teen behaviors, in particular  the "Choking Game", please download* the flier for FM Community Rewards or follow the link below.webassets/FM_Ed4Ed_Comm_Rewards_flyer_9_27_16.jpg


The flier will explain how to contribute to our cause through your purchases at Fred Meyers stores.  Doing so will have no cost to you but will help our organization.  Please check this out and follow the procedure outlined in the flier.          

*To download the flier, right click on it and save it to your device.  Then print as you normally would a JPEG file.




We have added access on our Research/Resouces page to our research library which contains information on topics including Emo, Pharm Parties, inhalants and the Choking Game.

webassets/Judy_Rogg_and_Eric.JPGClick here to view the November 12, 2014 Yahoo feature about "The Dangerous 'Choking Game' That Killed Four Kids in One County" featuring Judy Rogg and her son Erik Robinson.

Please click below to write to your congressional delegation asking that they promote education and awareness of TCG.


The Fox News segment to the left was originally broadcast December, 2005 after the deaths of Nick Serna in January and Braden Erickson in May.
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